Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lent -- 14 of 40 (What day is it? Life happening all around, distractions!!)

SO I have fallen WAY  a little behind on my lent blogging. I am repenting and praying God will help me get back on track. Here are a few of my latest distractions from opening up the ole laptop: 

1. This sweet face! This little girl is my partner in crime and I am enjoying every single moment of her still thinking I'm the best thing since sliced bread. Her brother's favor is waning, so I am soaking up this sweet 3 year old time with her all I can. We are painting finger nails, putting together puzzles, and I am giving in to her ever whim and loving every minute of it. That face could turn the saddest frown upside down. I posted this video of her "reading" the book I Love Monkey that she has memorized, and someone stopped me earlier this week to see the whole thing:

...and here is another one just for laughs...

2. Baseball practice: Reed is obsessed. His little self wants to be the best player he can be. He even had me out in the yard last week throwing pop-ups. Rob was finishing up some work and looking out the windows and saw me throwing (and saw the one I threw behind me). DISCLAIMER: I never proclaimed to be any kind of athlete. I am a runner, not a baseball (or insert any sport here) player. He caught most of the balls and when Rob was done they hit, pitched, and ran bases. Saturday they watched our Louisville win two games, went to our Upward Basketball celebration, then headed to watch the beloved Diamond Dogs win against Vandy. And Reed could probably tell me every single run scored and who scored it. I am actually looking forward to this baseball season to see him play -- cause I think he's going to be pretty good!! 

3. Antics -- the one on the right. Always up to something. And the one on the left, his partner in crime. This was going on right below the picture above of Reed throwing the baseball. Our broken patio umbrella and broken wheel barrow. Never a dull moment with these two. You can see from the look on their sweet faces that they were having a grand time! I forsee many, many, many, many, GRAND times in their future. God bless me during the teenage years!! 

4. Bible verse look up. Reed has been challenged by his sweet sweet Sunday School teacher to pick a verse that means a lot to him and memorize it. That is going to be his "ticket" into Sunday School each week and it's the verse that claims to be his little life verse for this time in his life. He has been loving looking up verses trying to figure out which ones mean the most to him. We have also started talking about the verses he looks up and how they apply to our life. Several have really hit home with him and of course (my little over achiever) he picked 2! 

The first I know comes from his love of Tim Tebow and how he wants to be strong in his sports. He is praying each night to get better and we are trying to teach him to give God the glory for any successes on the ball field, as well as in the classroom. I loved Tim Tebow's parents approach to this I read about in his book, Through My Eyes. The second verse he picked, because he doesn't like to see people hurt and we have prayed for several who have hurt him in the past. I hope he really does learn this verse for life, because that doesn't end at 7 years old. It's a verse that I still lean on at 36. Just thankful for all he is learning at such a young age. Blessed by this little guy each and every day.

5. Garden and Gun --- almost read the whole thing cover to cover last night. Just love it, but that's another post.

6. My real job. I have been working spreading joy and cheer to all the gift shops, florists, and clothing stores of North Mississippi and West Tennessee. Making people happy (mostly!!) with fun gifts for their stores. I love what I do and do what I love. Can't imagine doing anything else! 

7. Laundry -- This is the current state of my bed!! 

Hoping to post again tonight on a more inspirational topic!!! Life MAY or MAY NOT get in the way, so stay tuned!

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