Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God's Love

LOVE is all we need the Beatles said. But 1,000s of years before this God said it: the greatest of these is LOVE. "Your love, your love, the only thing that matters is your love," says Brandon Heath. It is what helps us to love others, it has enabled us to go to heaven. We have a daily devotion at work and a co-worker was praying one morning and she thanked God for his love. "Thank you God for your love!" WOW! I had never thought about this (am I an idiot or WHAT?) and find myself praying daily, thanking God for his love. What is more important than this!? I sin and stumble daily, and I know God's love is there. He is there to wrap His arms around me so I can truly, physically feel the warmth of His love. Your love that never fails, never boasts, isn't pride filled. Your love that is so pure in the filth-filled world we live in. How is it that you can love me, surrounded by my filth and rags? Humble me today Lord, humble me to see your love everywhere I look, in faces, in places, in my family, in my world. Help me not to waste a minute with facebook, twitter, bad TV. 

After reading a blog called Life in Grace recently, I found words Edie spoke on this very subject, "No matter what life is throwing at you, you can be sure that He is up to something, and that something is love. So, whether your house burns down or your spouse leaves or your children rebel or you have cancer—there is one thing you can count on. For the sake of Christ, God has loved you with an everlasting love.  He is your Father and He knows your sorrow and counts your tears. He will make every piece of the puzzle make sense. He is not waiting for you to obey or be strong or be faithful. He has obeyed and been strong and faithful in your place."

WOW! God's love IS AMAZING!

Monday, October 10, 2011

all of you

Well, I normally talk about my chillin (Southern for children) on here, but today I am going to talk about something a bit more spiritual. And I love my family and am so blessed to have them! God has also blessed me with some amazing friends throughout my life and continues to do so today. I read this scripture last night and it made me feel so full because I am so so so thankful. I have great Christian friends, women who work for God everyday, and who believe that prayer works, because we have seen it work. Brother Mike loves to quote John Wesley who said, "God does nothing but in answer to prayer." So why are we peddling and peddling to find answers when prayer is so powerful, yet so simple. This is how I feel about my good and kind friends who walk with God daily and are striving to do his work.Thank you God for giving me these friends and thank you friends for inspiring me by your words and most importantly your actions.
We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers. We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by home in our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catch up with myself!

Well, I had promised myself I would do better, then a month has whirled by and I have no blog posts to show for it. BUT I am jotting this post down right now as a blogging "to-do" list and am going to come back to each topic, b/c there is a lot of this stuff that I don't want to forget!
1) Mary Flynn is 9 months old...CRA-ZEE!! We lowered her baby bed down the day of the 9 month b-day which was October 4th and it made me sad. She has a little cyst on her ear and we will be going to see an ENT about what to do about it...getting it removed and finding out exactly what it is. Doesn't seem to bother her but we want to know. Also, she is patting some cakes, waving bye, and will say, "da-da-da-da-da-da-da" if you say it too! Can get around a room, but it is a Houdini act b/c the girl "ain't" crawling anywhere but backwards.
2) Found boys Star Wars Halloween costumes (Luke -- Darth Vader (go firgure), Reed -- Luke Skywalker) at Dirt Cheap for $5 each (ended up with 2 Darth Vader masks which was CLUTCH!). Need to do a whole post on all the jewels I have found at dirt cheap...love/hate relationship with that place. They want Mary Flynn to be Princess Layla, which was not MY first choice for her, but I have to remember that next year they may/may not want anything to do with her!
3) Rob's grandfather died last week after a long battle with alzmiemers and had one of the most beautiful funeral services I have ever witnessed with lots of wonderful scripture and stories about his life...I still get emotional thinking about it and his precious grandmother who was married to him for 65 years!
4)  AND my migranes are back...ugh. After a 5 year sabbatical they reared their ugly head about 4 weeks ago and after a crazy trip to the emergency room, we thought it best to see a Neurologist. She gave me some new meds to try, did MRI (which found nothing...Rob loves to make jokes about this) and said to try the meds when the next one came, if it came. Well, the next one came the day after I went to see her. Long story short, my miracle has come in the form of Maxalt -- I LOVE YOU creators of this wonderful drug. I started getting symptoms, took Maxalt, and 20 minutes later I felt like (I almost said $1,000,000, but wouldn't go that far) REAL GOOD compared to how I normally feel after one. 
5) Soccer is starting. Boys are thrilled. And we are too b/c our good friend Jeff is their coach. Rob is the #1 assistant. Both boys are on the same team which is clutch! I am sure there will be some hilarity involving this throughout the season and I will be posting under a new label: "things I want to remember!"

6) Our church is simulcasting David Platt's Secret Church on "Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel" and we are so so so so excited. I am already feeling God work in our community with this and I know He is going to bring lots of people into our church for this event. David Platt is such a powerful preacher and I know that many lives in our community and around the world will be touched by the message God shares through him!
7) I feel like these years are FLY-ing by and I am in a fog of work, school, etc. Lord, help me to live each day with the grace you give me! And to be thankful. And to share myself with others. And for my children to know WHY they love me! And why I love them! And most importantly, why You love them! Philippians 4:6-7 

Friday, September 9, 2011

5, 3, and 8 months...and playing catch up!

Where has the time gone? I am going to play a little bit of catch up here and update myself on how quickly my children are growing up. Let me just say...I am NOT ready for 6, 4, and 1! 
1st day of school, August 5th, with Mary Flynn and Mimi

First day with me!
  • Turned 5, August 15
  • Wanted boxers for his birthday and hasn't skipped a day in wearing them. Bye bye my little boy.
  • Also wanted a "sight-bow" which he got and is hitting that (gosh-awful plastic deer) target in our backyard every time! I can't help but scream with excitement every time he hits it though!
  • Also got a Nintendo DS for his birthday and is impressing me each day with his hand-eye skills AND (super big plus) is for the most part letting his little bro look on with delight when he plays it! 
  • Started school this year and is can't get enough!
  • Loves his sister to pieces! 
  • I asked him a few nights ago who his girlfriend was to which he replied, "I don't know, I hadn't thinked about it yet!" Good Boy!
On his first day of school, August 15th
  • Mothers, lock up your daughters...this boy is going to be something (still not sure what).
  • My middle child, who is a lover and a fighter and who's favorite phrases right now are, "No mommy!" and "Mommy, you are mean", and "I love you, mommy!" He cares about me, but sometimes I wonder if he would sell me for some candy.
  • Would definitely sell his sister for candy -- no doubt in my mind!
  • And speaking of candy, he LOVES it! Would eat it for every meal and in between. 
  • Just started 3K  and loving it (finally)...first day, not so much.

  • Sweet baby girl! She turned 8 months old on September 4th and I absolutely CANNOT believe it! 
  • Is getting the hang of baby food BUT it is still the most frustrating part of my day trying to get it into her mouth...I need to take a video of the process and post. 
  • She is now eating puffs, taking a bath in the big bath tub, and moved up to size 3 diapers this week.
  • Having fun making her precious things which I am planning to put on another post!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reed turns 5!

It is so hard to believe that Reed is turning 5. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital...now he has a little brother and a little sister! I want them all to stay little forever! He is a wonderful big brother, kind, and smart!
And there was no questions, we would be having a Star Wars Party!!! We are ALL THINGS Luke Skywalker, Yoda, General Grievous, Obi Wan, the list goes on. Of course, I waited until the last minute, since it was one week after the Fair when I was needing to send out invites and found the cutest ones on Etsy. I printed them on my home computer and had them the next day! I also got these adorable stickers for treat bags.

You can't have a party these days without the jumpers, 
so we slid and jumped and slid and jumped!
The setup!
The Cake (AWESOME!)
Jabba Juice (Rob asked me why I was going to all the trouble to name the food, that these kids couldn't read, but I wanted to do it!!)

About to blow out the 5 candles!!

Lilly, enjoying the festivities
A moment of brotherly love on the slide...Luke refused to go down but would run up the wrong was as far as he could go then fall down into the water. At least he was having fun!
Present time!
Best present #1: "sight" bow (not sure why he is calling it that but he is)

Best present #2: DS
DS game, which he is getting VERY good at!
Luke and his Mimi (whenever he gets in trouble he always, SCREAMS, "I want my mimi!!!!"
And let's make sure we get everything out of the bow box.

I have a great video of Reed shooting his bow I will have to post b/c it is pretty darn good for a 5 year old! We had a great day and enjoyed being with family and good friends! Thanks so much for celebrating with us!

Monday, August 22, 2011

...and he takes the tractor another round, another round, another round...

Spring means lots of things, but around our house, all the talk was about the garden.

And after a not so successful season (that is why there were no during shots), the boys have decided they are going to have to devote more time next year!!! Although we did have corn, black-eyed peas, okra, and more peppers than you can imagine, Rob mowed down what we was left last weekend! We were disappointed that we didn't have more squash and cucumber, from which Rob made these delicious pickles:

Aunt Allie's Dill Pickles 
(from Mississippi Magazine July/August 2010)
6 pound small fresh cucumbers
16 fresh hot peppers
16 teaspoons dill seeds
16 teaspoons mustard seed
16 cloves fresh peeled garlic
6 cups white vinegar
6 cups water
12 tablespoons pickling salt
Wash and sterilize 8 quart jars and lids. To each jar add 2 teaspoons dill and mustard seed, 2 cloves garlic, and 2 hot peppers. Wash cucumbers and pack into jars. Bring vinegar, water, and salt to rolling boil. Fill jars with boiling mixture. Seal immediately. Pickles will be ready to enjoy in 4-6 weeks. Any soon, and the pickle flavor will not have time to develop. 
Yield: 8 quart jars
Can't wait for next year!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Princess "Leo" and the "walks"

Well I have been waiting, waiting until the day when my little boy grows up, leaves behind Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, and The Jetsons, and becomes obsessed with Star Wars. Well, the time has come. He is now all things Obi Won, Luke, Yoda, Hans Solo -- loves them all. And, (as Rob would interject, "just like his mother,") he cannot watch this movie without asking 100 questions about every scene. The best part, though, is that in true Reed fashion, the "off" words are in full effect. 
Princess Laya -- Princess "Leo"
E-woks -- "Walks"

And speaking of the off words, here are a few more from summer:
Icee -- "snowy"
Sunburn -- sun"bites"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

14 years ago...

...we had our first date (sorry for the wonky scanned pic, but it is worth seeing)...
(and there are SOOOOO many things about us in this picture that make me cringe): 
1) What is up with my hair? Did I not own a mirror at 19?
2) What is up with my clothes (are those OVERALLS)? Hoping that was the style...
4) It's obvious that I was hitting late night food WAY too much!
3) And what is up with Rob's ghostliness?

Anyway, who would have imagined in an April six years later...

 ...we would say "I do"...

Now, after 8 years, we've been blessed with 100s of laughs, 1 dog, 2 precious boys, one adorable baby girl, and so much fun together. I married my best friend and have so much fun with him every day. Here's to 80 more years of wonderful memories to look forward to!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Bulletin board project

The walls in Mary Flynn's room were too bare. They needed something and I started thinking, we need more room for pictures, but it's not in the budget to buy a ton of frames to hang on the wall. I kept seeing darling bulletin boards on other blogs and in magazines. 
I decided I could make one myself. 

Step one: Buy bulletin board at Wally World. I think this one was about $7.

Since I didn't take ANY during pics, I am going to try to remember how I got here:
bulletin board
pink ticking fabric (about 1 1/2 yard)
about 10 yards of ribbon
heavy duty stapler
quilting batting (medium thickness)

So, I started with cotton batting under my fabric so the board would have some tuft.  I lined up the fabric and batting so the lines were straight on the board with about 2-3 inches overhang. Then I pulled out the industrial stapler and stretched fabric/batting over sides to the back. I stapled the top and bottom first, then stapled the sides. Then I went back with some over-sized gro-grain rick rack to attach the pictures/bows. Again with the stapler, I lined up the ribbon, starting in the corners stapling, then filling in the angles. And I was done!
Easy enough...and a very quick project. Because of the size of the bulletin board it took up a ton of space on the wall which is exactly what I was going for.

And once I got through, I realized it was the perfect place to keep our bows (cause she WILL be wearing them once she gets a few more strands of hair!).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

our loud child

Luke does not do anything at a low volume. He loves loud, cries loud, and plays loud. I guess that may be part of being the middle child, but he is going to be heard. Several weeks ago he found the drum set and Reed did not like all the noise. Reed told me that he wanted this sign to stay up for three weeks...so it did!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creations by michie -- BUBBLE!

Since all things pink, girlie, and pouf-y are foreign to me, I have been very excited to get going on some fun girly projects for Mary Flynn. Here is what I've been up too:
And here is the result:

...and another

...and another

Mary Flynn is going to be bubblicious once summer comes along! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chalkboard project

Isn't this a gorgeous cardboard painting (tehe)? I have had my eye on it at our local antique store for about a year. Mom and I were in there several weeks ago and thought I might could get her to come off the price a little -- got her down to $50! I have been wanting to paint over the painting with chalkboard paint "a la" Ballard but did not have the $400 in my budget!
So here is the end result:
I simply taped off the sides around the frame and painted directly over the old painting with Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. So so easy! 
Some weeks I post what we are having for dinner and others (mostly) it looks like this. Once we start t-ball in a few weeks and our summer starts getting busy, I'm sure it will be more like a who/what/when/where to keep us organized. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bu-tee-ful Butterflies and Give Me Grace

So, every year our church gets caterpillars. You get these in honor or memory of a loved one. You watch them make their cocoon and eventually hatch into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly part is supposed to come right around Easter weekend. Then on Easter Sunday, our entire congregation goes out on the steps of our church and releases our butterflies. Just as Christ dies and rises. These caterpillars seem dead, then emerge from their cocoons to go forth into the world. It is a wonderful way to teach our children about Christ's resurrection. 
Well, we got 4 caterpillars this year, honoring the boys, Mary Flynn, and my mom and her husband Charles, who do so much to help us. Well, last night, Reed starting screaming,"Mama, come in here--HURRY!" Our first butterfly was flitting around in its box and he and Luke were beside themselves. Rob and I are hoping/praying it will live 2 weeks in its temporary home (which is a corsage box) until we release him on Easter Sunday morning. Be it natural causes or the curiosity of two little boys, 
we may need to have an early release to guarantee his survival!! 
Luke keeps saying, "It's a bu-tee-ful butterfly," "Mommy, see the bu-tee-ful butterfly!" He never just says butterfly, it's always "bu-tee-ful" butterfly. 
I am touched each time our children say a prayer or bless our food. Luke said the blessing last night with his own prayer, repeating, "Thank you God so much, thank you God so much, thank you God so much, thank you God so much, AMEN!" Simple and sweet! I am going to remember that one for sure!! And he also (which is so so sweet) loves to keep everyone "safe" in his prayers. He will name every person he knows individually saying, "keep mommy and daddy safe, keep baby sister safe, keep "fill in the blank" safe." I am loving hearing them pray -- it sometimes brings tears to my eyes hearing their prayers -- I see them learning more about God and seeing Him in their respective "worlds" each day.
And speaking of children and prayer, a sweet sweet friend of our family, Gloria Mason, gave Mary Flynn a prayer book for children called, Give Me Grace. I started reading this book to Reed and Luke each night right before bed and if for some reason I forget, I am very quickly reminded. They are short prayers for each day like this:
Saturday in the early morn
make me thankful I was born
Give my spirit peace within
let each day with hope begin.

Reed has started to recite some lines by memory. Luke just says what Reed says (then follows with his list of "Keeping ____ safe). My hope is that they will memorize each day and can teach them to Mary Flynn once she is old enough, and remember them for the rest of their lives.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Books on the nightstand

So, I have had these three books on my nightstand for a while and I am loving all three. 
The first is called The Happiness Project. My cousin, Suzanne, told me about it at the Fair this year and I happened upon it at the bookstore. It is a wonderful account of Gretchen Rubin's year of making her life happier. Not that I am unhappy (nor was she), but there are so many little things we can do each day to be happier people. One of my favorite parts of this book is the "treasure house of happy memories" part. She wanted her children to remember their childhood home as a happy place when the think back on their lives. Don't we all!! Now, each afternoon I try to really think hard about how I spend my time with the boys and make every moment count. I TRY to take TONS of pictures which in the future will help us recall happy memories. Don't get me wrong, some afternoons involve a 2 year old screaming because he is not getting his way and a four year old not wanting to share with his two year old brother, hence the screaming, but hopefully they can look back and remember mostly the laughing, playing, and loving! 

Okay -- let me preface this book by saying if you don't want your toes stepped on by God, wait until you do before reading this book. It (God) will move you in a mighty way while reading it. I was so moved by it that we are in the middle of studying it in our Sunday School class and some amazing things are happening there. It truly makes you think about your own personal walk with God, spreading the Gospel, and the people around the world who haven't heard it!

This is a daily devotion book that I also read about on Fly Through our Window and it speaks directly to me every single day. The main thing that registers with me is how Jesus wants to to have a minute to minute conscience relationship

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to Blogging...and A LOT to catch up on!

Well, it's time...to get back to this ole blog. I think about it all the time. Posting it is a totally different matter. With our family of 5, it's hard to find time. 
But just a little update:
Mary Flynn is 3 month old! It is so hard for me to believe. She is looking like a teenager (j/k), but seriously -- she is growing up WAY to fast. She is smiling all the time and is sleeping from around 9ish to 6ish -- which is wonderful! I am loving making her precious bubbles, burp cloths, and outfits. I just finished a bullatin board for her room (I am going to try my first "how-to" post...more on that to come). She is looking so much like her brother Reed! We baptized her April 27 at our church and it was a special day! Our families came and ate lunch at our house afterward and we had such a lovely afternoon. She wore a gorgeous heirloom gown made by my sweet sweet first cousin, Suzanne. She also make Reed and Luke's gown/bubble and truly has a gift. I walk in Mary Flynn's room everyday and just want to put her in it because it is so sweet and angelic. A keepsake she will have forever!
Luke -- hehe... What can I say? The child makes me laugh and makes it so hard for me to discipline him because of that. My loving rough and tumble boy! He is saying some of the funniest things lately. Also at 2 1/2, he is finally 100% potty trained. It took getting lots of prizes and TONS (literally) of stickers! He still likes to put a sticker on his "poster" after each visit to the potty. All I can say is Hallelujah -- only one in diapers! 
He is always saying, "mommy, come play with me, mommy, come watch a movie with me!" And I am learning to just drop what I am doing at the time and do just that! Lately, he has been seeing "dina-surs" over at our neighbors house who want to "get me" at around 3 am. Reed has come to the rescue and it makes me wish I still had a monitor in their room so I could hear exactly what he was saying...I'm sure it is precious!
Reed continues to remind us not to break the "lemon speed" so the police won't get us, wants to pick "dandle-lights," and tons of other "off" words that keep us rolling. K4 is almost over, which is very hard to believe! He is becoming an expert marksman and corrects me every time I call the arrow a bow (as does his daddy!). 
Luke and Reed have started to get in bed with each other every night. Some nights we try to keep them separated, but they truly LOVE (and sleep better) sleeping together. I think it is so sweet and am such a pushover when they ask if they can.
I am going to try to start putting all the funny things they are saying on here so I can remember! I know since I can't remember what they were saying two weeks ago, I am going to be so sad 20 years from now when I don't have a clue. And some of the things they are saying and doing, I know I'm not gonna want to forget! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

PJ Bday!!

I came across this birthday party idea today and wanted to remember it for a future birthday party (more than likely for Mary Flynn) but the boys may get into something like this too! 
Happy Monday and more posts to come...we have a lot to catch up on!!