Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God's Love

LOVE is all we need the Beatles said. But 1,000s of years before this God said it: the greatest of these is LOVE. "Your love, your love, the only thing that matters is your love," says Brandon Heath. It is what helps us to love others, it has enabled us to go to heaven. We have a daily devotion at work and a co-worker was praying one morning and she thanked God for his love. "Thank you God for your love!" WOW! I had never thought about this (am I an idiot or WHAT?) and find myself praying daily, thanking God for his love. What is more important than this!? I sin and stumble daily, and I know God's love is there. He is there to wrap His arms around me so I can truly, physically feel the warmth of His love. Your love that never fails, never boasts, isn't pride filled. Your love that is so pure in the filth-filled world we live in. How is it that you can love me, surrounded by my filth and rags? Humble me today Lord, humble me to see your love everywhere I look, in faces, in places, in my family, in my world. Help me not to waste a minute with facebook, twitter, bad TV. 

After reading a blog called Life in Grace recently, I found words Edie spoke on this very subject, "No matter what life is throwing at you, you can be sure that He is up to something, and that something is love. So, whether your house burns down or your spouse leaves or your children rebel or you have cancer—there is one thing you can count on. For the sake of Christ, God has loved you with an everlasting love.  He is your Father and He knows your sorrow and counts your tears. He will make every piece of the puzzle make sense. He is not waiting for you to obey or be strong or be faithful. He has obeyed and been strong and faithful in your place."

WOW! God's love IS AMAZING!

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