Friday, October 29, 2010

Just this morning...

...we had a little photo shoot in honor of Reed's Halloween party! Thought they turned out pretty cute for an improptu "session!"

Luke had toaster strudel all over his face and his hair desperately needed to be brushed!
Snoopy ready to party!
Brotherly love (at that moment) :-)

Baby Sister...

Well, I may look back on this pregnancy and say, "Was I even pregnant?!" Baby sister has gotten absolutely no "air-time." With Reed and Luke I was constantly journaling, measuring, keeping up with every ache, pain, and kick. With baby sister, we are just living it day to day...poor little thing. Anyway, now that I am almost 30 weeks (and the pregnancy is winding down), I thought I would give a little run down on what it's been like this time around (our 3rd and final pregnancy):
1) Candy, cookies, cake -- bring it on in every size, shape, and flavor!
2) I was going to try not to gain as much weight as I did with the boys -- already exceeded that, i.e. candy, cookies, and cake!
3) She is a very active little thing -- at this very moment she is kicking the stew out of me.
4) Rob and I both think she is going to have brown hair and brown eyes...maybe we will finally have a child who's features are similar to ours.
5) Everything I have added for her nursery has come from Dirt Cheap (my favorite store...more on that later)!
6) I need to look back at all of my wonderful "notes" from my first 2 pregnancies, but I don't remember being this uncomfortable at the beginning of the 3rd trimester.
7) Baby sister is going to have more clothes that she will be able to wear. Thanks to everyone who has had these precious little things before me.
8) I am about to finish a Bishop gown that I smocked and started contructing 7 years ago when we lived in Birmingham. Now that we are having a girl, I decided it was time. It will be so so special!
9) I am also making her diaper bag and am so excited. This is the bag, this is the exterior fabric, and an adorable lining that I can't see to find online! Will post some picks when I finish! Can't wait! 
10) I pray for her every day and hope that she is as precious, loving, faithful, and sweet as her two namesakes, Granny and Nana!
And this recipe is one reason why the LBs have packed on. But it is so so simply. It is Lindey's fall mix, which is yummy and very addictive, don't take a bite unless you want to eat the whole bag. Here is the recipe:                                  
                                  1 bag of M&Ms
                                  1 Dry roasted salted peanuts
                                  1 bag candy corn

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wrap this one in Maroon and White!!

We anticipated the first Mississippi State football game of the year for weeks! This is how we spend our afternoons after school...throwing the football, dressing up in football gear (shoulder pads and all!). 

Finally the game got here!! And boy were we excited.
Fun at FanFare: CHECK
Tailgating tent and food: CHECK
Besties from college: CHECK!
Besties from home (plus Vicki, bestie from college): CHECK!
FUN with adoptive family members, Anna Sukman and Chris Ward (Laura's uncle and cousin): CHECK
Tired little boy: check
Wrap this one in maroon and white: CHECK!!!! 
Looking forward to (and enjoying) a wonderful (and win filled) football season! 
My favorite time of year!