Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catch up with myself!

Well, I had promised myself I would do better, then a month has whirled by and I have no blog posts to show for it. BUT I am jotting this post down right now as a blogging "to-do" list and am going to come back to each topic, b/c there is a lot of this stuff that I don't want to forget!
1) Mary Flynn is 9 months old...CRA-ZEE!! We lowered her baby bed down the day of the 9 month b-day which was October 4th and it made me sad. She has a little cyst on her ear and we will be going to see an ENT about what to do about it...getting it removed and finding out exactly what it is. Doesn't seem to bother her but we want to know. Also, she is patting some cakes, waving bye, and will say, "da-da-da-da-da-da-da" if you say it too! Can get around a room, but it is a Houdini act b/c the girl "ain't" crawling anywhere but backwards.
2) Found boys Star Wars Halloween costumes (Luke -- Darth Vader (go firgure), Reed -- Luke Skywalker) at Dirt Cheap for $5 each (ended up with 2 Darth Vader masks which was CLUTCH!). Need to do a whole post on all the jewels I have found at dirt relationship with that place. They want Mary Flynn to be Princess Layla, which was not MY first choice for her, but I have to remember that next year they may/may not want anything to do with her!
3) Rob's grandfather died last week after a long battle with alzmiemers and had one of the most beautiful funeral services I have ever witnessed with lots of wonderful scripture and stories about his life...I still get emotional thinking about it and his precious grandmother who was married to him for 65 years!
4)  AND my migranes are back...ugh. After a 5 year sabbatical they reared their ugly head about 4 weeks ago and after a crazy trip to the emergency room, we thought it best to see a Neurologist. She gave me some new meds to try, did MRI (which found nothing...Rob loves to make jokes about this) and said to try the meds when the next one came, if it came. Well, the next one came the day after I went to see her. Long story short, my miracle has come in the form of Maxalt -- I LOVE YOU creators of this wonderful drug. I started getting symptoms, took Maxalt, and 20 minutes later I felt like (I almost said $1,000,000, but wouldn't go that far) REAL GOOD compared to how I normally feel after one. 
5) Soccer is starting. Boys are thrilled. And we are too b/c our good friend Jeff is their coach. Rob is the #1 assistant. Both boys are on the same team which is clutch! I am sure there will be some hilarity involving this throughout the season and I will be posting under a new label: "things I want to remember!"

6) Our church is simulcasting David Platt's Secret Church on "Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel" and we are so so so so excited. I am already feeling God work in our community with this and I know He is going to bring lots of people into our church for this event. David Platt is such a powerful preacher and I know that many lives in our community and around the world will be touched by the message God shares through him!
7) I feel like these years are FLY-ing by and I am in a fog of work, school, etc. Lord, help me to live each day with the grace you give me! And to be thankful. And to share myself with others. And for my children to know WHY they love me! And why I love them! And most importantly, why You love them! Philippians 4:6-7 

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