Friday, September 9, 2011

5, 3, and 8 months...and playing catch up!

Where has the time gone? I am going to play a little bit of catch up here and update myself on how quickly my children are growing up. Let me just say...I am NOT ready for 6, 4, and 1! 
1st day of school, August 5th, with Mary Flynn and Mimi

First day with me!
  • Turned 5, August 15
  • Wanted boxers for his birthday and hasn't skipped a day in wearing them. Bye bye my little boy.
  • Also wanted a "sight-bow" which he got and is hitting that (gosh-awful plastic deer) target in our backyard every time! I can't help but scream with excitement every time he hits it though!
  • Also got a Nintendo DS for his birthday and is impressing me each day with his hand-eye skills AND (super big plus) is for the most part letting his little bro look on with delight when he plays it! 
  • Started school this year and is can't get enough!
  • Loves his sister to pieces! 
  • I asked him a few nights ago who his girlfriend was to which he replied, "I don't know, I hadn't thinked about it yet!" Good Boy!
On his first day of school, August 15th
  • Mothers, lock up your daughters...this boy is going to be something (still not sure what).
  • My middle child, who is a lover and a fighter and who's favorite phrases right now are, "No mommy!" and "Mommy, you are mean", and "I love you, mommy!" He cares about me, but sometimes I wonder if he would sell me for some candy.
  • Would definitely sell his sister for candy -- no doubt in my mind!
  • And speaking of candy, he LOVES it! Would eat it for every meal and in between. 
  • Just started 3K  and loving it (finally)...first day, not so much.

  • Sweet baby girl! She turned 8 months old on September 4th and I absolutely CANNOT believe it! 
  • Is getting the hang of baby food BUT it is still the most frustrating part of my day trying to get it into her mouth...I need to take a video of the process and post. 
  • She is now eating puffs, taking a bath in the big bath tub, and moved up to size 3 diapers this week.
  • Having fun making her precious things which I am planning to put on another post!

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