Friday, April 15, 2011

Chalkboard project

Isn't this a gorgeous cardboard painting (tehe)? I have had my eye on it at our local antique store for about a year. Mom and I were in there several weeks ago and thought I might could get her to come off the price a little -- got her down to $50! I have been wanting to paint over the painting with chalkboard paint "a la" Ballard but did not have the $400 in my budget!
So here is the end result:
I simply taped off the sides around the frame and painted directly over the old painting with Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. So so easy! 
Some weeks I post what we are having for dinner and others (mostly) it looks like this. Once we start t-ball in a few weeks and our summer starts getting busy, I'm sure it will be more like a who/what/when/where to keep us organized. 

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