Friday, April 29, 2011

Bulletin board project

The walls in Mary Flynn's room were too bare. They needed something and I started thinking, we need more room for pictures, but it's not in the budget to buy a ton of frames to hang on the wall. I kept seeing darling bulletin boards on other blogs and in magazines. 
I decided I could make one myself. 

Step one: Buy bulletin board at Wally World. I think this one was about $7.

Since I didn't take ANY during pics, I am going to try to remember how I got here:
bulletin board
pink ticking fabric (about 1 1/2 yard)
about 10 yards of ribbon
heavy duty stapler
quilting batting (medium thickness)

So, I started with cotton batting under my fabric so the board would have some tuft.  I lined up the fabric and batting so the lines were straight on the board with about 2-3 inches overhang. Then I pulled out the industrial stapler and stretched fabric/batting over sides to the back. I stapled the top and bottom first, then stapled the sides. Then I went back with some over-sized gro-grain rick rack to attach the pictures/bows. Again with the stapler, I lined up the ribbon, starting in the corners stapling, then filling in the angles. And I was done!
Easy enough...and a very quick project. Because of the size of the bulletin board it took up a ton of space on the wall which is exactly what I was going for.

And once I got through, I realized it was the perfect place to keep our bows (cause she WILL be wearing them once she gets a few more strands of hair!).

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