Monday, April 7, 2014

Lent -- 15 of 40 (not using the "day" anymore, because, well, that ship has sailed...and other various and assundries)

AAAHHHH! Every time I start to get my computer out to write, I get hijacked. Life is busy around here and I have come to several conclusions:

Will I make 40 blog posts? Doubtful.

Have things been crazy around here? Yes -- baseball practice, awards days, kindergarten registration (I can not even -- Mary Flynn at K3) end of year this-and-thats (reminds me of Jen Hatmakers infamous post here -- I have never EVER laughed so hard.

There was actually a few moments of solitude Luke and SA shared on the swing...isn't this precious...senior video material right here).
(would have LOVED to have heard that conversation)

I am really great at starting many things and finishing none: books (the one below from public library and Jennie Allen's Restless on my phone), projects, blog posts, and lists.

Are spray tans the YES (after waiting 8 hours and showering of the Indian layer).
(just a little dark, a smidge!)

Does Stitchfix make me happy? Yes.
(happy Thursday when this is on your doorstep!)

(...and everything is cute!)

(Evidence of StitchFix and a subtly faded spray tan here)

Is crawfish better with friends? Yes.

(And it was discovered that somehow I am the only brunette in the group of redheads!!)

Am I running in another 1/2 Marathon next weekend? Yes.

(Made the upside down Winston County loop without my partner in crime, but we made up for that Saturday morning!)

Reed was sick one day last week and Rob told him he picked a great day to me sick. He said, "Well I didn't pick it daddy, I am just sick." and Rob said, "Well it's the opening day of MLB!" Reed then agreed that he had picked a good day to be sick. 

I also thought it was a good day, because this NEVER EVER happens!! 

I have 2 more posts that I want to write TO-DAY so we will see what happens...just wanted to remember the special happenings from my camera roll this past week, and that was only the 1/2 of them!

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