Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent -- Day 6 of 40 (books and fabric)

I cannot go into a Lifeway, Barnes and Noble, or bookstore of any kind without at least three books. Today I left with 4, but I am super excited about them. Rob is having his gall bladder out tomorrow so I will have some time on my forthcoming! Maybe I can find a new career in reviewing books -- I would LOVE it. As long as I could work at Anthro on the side!

I am also excited about this fabric -- Mary Flynn is going to have a dress AND shorts! YAY!

Such a great Monday today working in Jackson. Lunch with a bestie, Lifeway (bought the books), visited Thimblepress, Jackson, MS, had dinner with friends to celebrate Rob's last day with all of his organs. Praying for an easy and quick surgery tomorrow!
Night Night!


  1. Love that fabric!! I need to learn to sew. I'm enjoying your lent writing.

  2. Thanks Carly!! You need to -- doesn't your mom sew? You would have a great teacher!!