Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lent -- Day 12 (a day late b/c hotel room had no WIFI) of 40 (Memphis, TV,

In hotel room tonight and I always LOVE getting away for a night every once and a while. Every time I go I find the most interesting TV.
Tonight was no exception. It’s I turned TLC and wow they have some shows. First, my 600 Pound Life, was a woman who weighed 600 pounds and cannot walk. I can’t even. I only caught the tail-end of that show but I really do not understand how you can get to that point.
THEN, for the LOVE: Hoarders – Buried Alive. I have never almost thrown up when watching TV but I almost did tonight. This precious man who was an orthopedic surgeon and has ended up living in a house literally infested with roaches. I mean crazy infested. I mean crawling all over him as he slept, of course he had an onion and a bag of rotten tomatoes in his bed with him, along with various articles of clothing, books, and trash. Did I mention the roaches? There had to be 1 billion of them. And normally I can handling looking at each and every crevasse of a place until they bring in the cleaning crew, but about 2 minutes in I was like, “Let’s bring in the people to get those roaches of of you sweet little doctor man!” As I am watching it -- I CAN. NOT. EVEN. And I am the first one to get sucked into a show and I wish I hadn’t but I can’t stop watching it. And spoiler alert – they got everything out and he finally got to hold his grandbaby! I love it when there is a happy ending, even on hoarders.
And I can’t even tell you the name of the next show that came on (that I promptly changed)…TLC, you have taken reality TV to a whole ‘nuther level!!

Thank you Duck Dynasty for being on!!!

Something else that happened today that I think was interesting. The day started out a little shaky, so when you are majorly bummed, walk around Target and try on bathing suits – isn’t that what everyone does to make themselves feel better? Well that didn’t help (why I thought it might I have no earthly). I then decided that I wanted a career where I could just drive around, have lunch with friends, write cards, and deliver flowers in the summer. And grow stuff!! And sew stuff. Anyway, don’t think anyone would pay me to do that, so maybe Chic Fil A for lunch? Yes, please. So I ordered my #5 with a coke and chic fil a sauce and I must have looked like I was having a bad day because the precious sweet girl who gave me my food said, “I hope your day gets better!” Sweet, Sweet, Sweet (and they are always super nice at CFA anyway) and thanks to her my day did get better!
Met up with a sweet friend from college who I never get to see, then ate at Bonefish for dinner. Visiting + eating = 2 of my favorite things = day better!

I also started a book over the weekend that was recommended at Sundog Books in Seaside when we were there. She said it was hilarious and such a good read. Well, I almost purchased it, but instead got the Julia Reed book for me and Rob “The Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell (10,000 hours of practice and you too can be a prodigy, that is another post). I got home and ran by the public library to see if they could get the book for me. They did and I started it, and my word – it was funny, but it was like God kept throwing this at me:
“Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  Philippians 4:8

And this was on the heels of the sermon with the list from yesterday’s blog:

4. What we do with our leisure time;
7. What we laugh at.

AND there you have it --- convicted!!

SO, I took it back to the library without finishing. I did! I just felt weird about reading it…
Now, to clean up my running playlist again. (the 90s rap is back on it -- eek!) (in my defense, I went to public school in the height of the craze) (I know, Philippians 4:8) (my memory verse for the week!)

“We may not have all the answers for our kids, but we do have tons of love for them.” 
– Willie Robinson
Thanks Willie -- I needed that!!

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