Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent -- Day 2 of 40 (Happy, good, Grace, God, and Waterlogue)

I can still see my eyebrows in that Senior video. For the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND KIND in the world, why did no one tell me to get my eyebrows waxed. They were curly and about 3 inches thick. We had been asked where you saw yourself in 10 years and in my 18 year old mind, I thought I had most everything figured out, as most 18 year olds do. “I just want to me happy!” I wish I could find the VHS copy so I could watch it.
Over the years, I have thought (so proud of myself) what a good answer that was. And how “good” I was. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did PLENTY of things I shouldn’t have done, but on the outside, I appeared like the “good” girl I was supposed to be. Looking back I am realizing that I was being good for myself, so I would look better and be liked by others. I have been doing this my whole life.
I hope that my focus is shifted to do things pleasing to God, and a lot of these “things” aren’t wrapped up perfectly and pleasing as far as worldly views go. I shouldn't care, but there I go trying to please everyone again. But Jesus, while on Earth, didn’t aim to please. Each and every step he took on this earth was to teach his disciples about His father in heaven and how we should love others and follow Him – ALL OF US following ALL of HIM. He didn’t mean for me to pick out my favorite verses in the Bible that make me “happy” or “feel good.” He invited prostitutes, tax collectors, and all types of lowly (i.e. homeless, drug addicts, that person I just DID NOT want to talk to today) into His inner circle. Matthew always referred to himself as the “publican,” identifying himself as the tax collector he once was – as a constant reminder of his past and humbling himself. I guess I could call myself many things: Melanie Yates, gossip, Melanie Yates, coveter, Melanie Yates, selfish person (not sure what word ending in –er that would be), Melanie Yates, judge, Melanie Yates – plain ole sinner!!
The older I get, I realize that being happy is fun, but life isn’t centered on that and “we of little faith” better have something bigger to fall back on than creating our own happiness.
A recent struggle has been how to stress this to our children.  We want to please and make people happy, but in the long run, we need to be pleasing God. We try to hard to love all people, especially our children in BIG ways and say yes more than we say no. We try to protect and expose—how much is enough? We want them in a constant state of happiness so we, as their parents feel like “we” have done a good job raising them and teaching them.
I read on Sherry Burgess’s blog (wife of Rick of the Rick and Bubba show) that we are not always going to be happy and neither are they. Our walk with Christ will be filled with heartache and trials. Our goal should be to want them (and ourselves for that matter) to be HOLY. When happiness isn’t there, we are to be Holy, and to honor our God, and the JOY that He gives will sustain us.
We want them to always be good, do good, look good, and feel good. And let me just tell you, this is EXHAUSTING (I can vouch for that tonight when a meeting at my house turned into me going nuts on my 3 for acting a fool while I was "trying to have a conversation with an adult!!!!"). We just need to guide them and let God be in control….SOOOO HARD!!!

This list I found list hits the nail on the head:

1. Don’t take too much credit for their good.

2. Don’t take too much credit for their bad.

3. Don’t try to raise a good child. Raise a God-following adult.

Amen and Amen…

Pictures from today via waterlogue app:

My front door (newly painted Benjamin Moore’s Sullivan Green 560)
Found this on Pinterest – 12 Best Colors for your front door from House Beautiful

Selfie requested by this guy – my sweet Luke. Who yesterday when his big brother pulled his ear and I told him to pull Reed’s back (nobody said I was getting mother of the year), he said, “Well I want to be nice!” S.O.S. I’m at the end of my parenting skills!!


Our house via waterlogue – all that needs is a frame!
Arm candy from Noonday Collection– loving these new bracelets! They are making my day!

...only 38 more to go!












  1. Love reading your blog! Miss you!

  2. I need to waterlouge my houses (MS and GA).. Get them an extra large shirt they can both fit in and must wear it until they can get along. My cousin has tons of ideas like this. I tell her she needs to write a parenting book.

    I'm enjoying your posts.