Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a wonderful Easter weekend!?!

We have had such a fun weekend (especially since it has been 3 days)! The BBs have been loving getting to play outside because the weather has been so pretty. We have enjoyed looking around everything growning in our yard.

Thursday, we went up to North Mississippi to visit Rob's parents and Reed informed us about Spring:

Reed: Daddy, did you know what happens in Spring?
Rob: No, tell me.
Reed: Well all the baby animals are born and all the flowers bloom. And Jesus rose from the dead.

He is getting too big for words!!

Friday, me, the boys, and their Mia (Rob's mom) went over to see Aunt Kristen. We got there and she had gotten the boys an Easter surprise -- fishing poles! The BBs were SOOOO excited. We went immediately to the lake and got busy fishing. Reed had a worm on his pole and everything thanks to Uncle T. I taught Reed how to cast it out into the water. After several scary moments involving the slinging casting of the hook and a lot of practice, he would cast it into the water about every third time! Luke lost interest in the fishing very quickly but just walked around and played -- it will be a few more years until he can sit still long enough to fish! I could tell Reed was getting a little restless, and about that time he caught a FISH!!! So exciting!! Below are some pictures from our excursion!

SO excited after catching his 1st fish! (Reed was all too happy to continue to remind Uncle T that he caught "zero" fish and Reed had caught one -- but Uncle T did catch a turtle by the shell, then Reed told him,
"T -- T stands for Turtle"
Thanks Uncle T, Kristen, and Mia for a wonderful day!

Daddy and pop caught a few fish of their own on Friday as well.

                                                                    Rob and Aunt Kristen

On Saturday morning, we're on our way back home for our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt at the home of Moe and Peggy Yarbrough (affectionately known to us as Papa Moe and Ms. Peggy). I will spare the details of the mosterous fit that Reed threw as we were leaving (mama said I used to throw these all the time when I was his age -- payback I guess...ugh!). Anyway, the Easter Egg hunt was so so so much fun and the weather was PERFECT after the bad storm that blew through the night before (more on the storm and what happened at our house in my next post)!

"Little Buddy" Papa Moe's Donkey
Reed going down the GIANT slide
Sweet Luke
Luke and SA having an Easter moment

Luke runs to me like this all the time and says "mommyeeeee" and I LOVE it!
(I didn't think the above picutre of Reed needed a caption -- ha!!!)
Reed and Papa Moe on their way to check out the garden --
can't wait for all the peaches and plums that are growning out there!

Our Easter Family portrait!
                                       -- more on Easter and our storm incident later --
                        Oh, but one more thing...this song by Natalie Grant...Happy Easter!

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