Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anniversary surprises!!!

Yesterday marked mine and Rob's seventh anniversary! I am trying to find a picture to put in this post, but since it was before we entered the digital age, it may be awhile. 

However, he did surprise me with a trip to Greenwood to The Alluvian Hotel and dinner at Giardina's. When I got home from work on Friday (after a wonderful day of Dentistry from the Heart), my bag was packed and he would not tell me where in the world we were going! I didn't figure it out until we turned off to go to Greenwood. What a wonderful night away! We had a great time and even ran into a friend of Rob's from high school who's husband is the Executive Chef at Giardina's -- so much fun seeing her. We woke up Saturday morning and and ate a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Another surprise -- Rob had gotten me a massage (which was heavenly)! Afterwards, we walked around downtown Greenwood which has some adorable shops. The headquarters of Viking is here, and although we didn't get to do a cooking school, we did see one going on and got to look around at lots of great Viking products. We made one purchase in Turn Row books -- this book, Delta Land, was in our room and I loved the pictures. The photographer's home was featured in O (Oprah's magazine) several years ago and I recognized the name. A neat book, especially since Rob is a delta boy himself. Must go back for another visit very soon!
Downtown Greenwood

The Alluvian

The Viking store (their new commercial line) -- WOW!

Fun stuff at the Viking Store
Could have spent lots of $$
Actual cooking school going on
This is the sign inside Turn Row books -- if you will notice, it's the hood of a truck!

I am still in a little bit of shock of the whole trip -- what a great surprise by my wonderful and thoughtful husband. We've had seven years of laughter, fun, and although there will always be bumps along the road, I am so thankful to be married to my best friend!

I just realized we didn't take any pics of us! I will try to find 
a wedding picture (where we are much younger) to post!!

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