Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puddles and Boots

Once we got home from our night away (and drove through the horrible weather that hit our area last weekend) Rob and I and the BBs were very ready to be outside. Rob and I hit our favorite garden center, Yarbrough's, for some plants! I got another snowball tree (b/c I love them so!) and two gorgeous ferns to hang on the breezeway.

Every year, I put geraniums in two big pots on our breezeway. I always go into the green house saying, "I am getting traditional red this year!!" This is what I came out with -- a new hot pink color -- so so pretty. 
Hey, I live with three boys, I deserve some pink somewhere!!!
Because of all the heavy rains and bad weather that kept the boys in all morning, they were ready to be outside. The sun came out and it was a perfect 70 degrees and there were puddles EVERYWHERE. Boots went on and water started splashing.

They got so wet that the clothes finally came off...
Here they are picking me clover flowers...sweet sweet!
Reed has two HUGE blisters on his legs where the boots
(I am assuming in combination with all the water) rubbed his little legs!
Cute bootie!

AND the garden is almost totally planted! Rob has worked hard every night this week. We now have tomatoes, squash, butterbeans, black-eyed peas, corn (which is sprouting!!), watermelons, and cantaloupe in the ground. The cucumber plants weren't ready, but we should have them planted by the weekend. AND I have a WHOLE ROW of ZINNIAS my favorite and THE flower of summer!!

We also have lots of grass growing in the garden too -- Rob's dad is a master vegetable gardener and is going to pull out "THE NOTEBOOK" to give us some good ole gardening tips. Reed and Haley helped Rob do some planting too -- he said it would be interesting to see where everything is once it starts coming up.
Will post pics of progress soon.

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