Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden spot, Good sleeping weather, and trailer fishing...

We enjoyed what was just a spectacular weekend! The weather could not have been more perfect. Reed was going to bed Thursday and and looked up at Rob and said, "Daddy, this is some goood sleeping weather!" I am in full agreement -- of course, all weather is good sleeping weather to me!

Friday afternoon the boys from the hood (i.e. Rob, Will, and Taylor) got started on our little garden...and it turned out to be a rather LARGE garden! I am loving the smell of the freshly tilled dirt. The soil looks very rich and soft -- I have a feeling we're going to have some pretty amazing tomatoes -- yum! It's going to be work fun for us adults but the children will enjoy watching everything grow AND we get to eat our own veggies. I just hope there will be a little corner somewhere for some zennias -- THE flower of summer in my opinion.

Anyway, here is a glimpse our little garden spot --


The first line of dirt -- much goodness is going to come from this dirt....

...I have developed a love/hate relationship with dirt. I may do a post later on what I love and hate about it... 
I guess since I live with two three boys, I better get used to having it around.

All rowed up...all I need now are these!

And this is my garden basket...

...perfect for lots of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers
(and I want to try making pickles since the bbs LOVE pickles)
I got the above basket at The Fresh Market -- most heavenly grocery store, thank goodness it isn't in our little town or Rob and I would be in big big trouble! all we need is the seed!

Reed says he wants okra, tomatoes, corn, squash, peas, butterbeans, and watermelon -- maybe it's good that the "little" garden spot turned out to be a little bigger than we were expecting.

And while Will was tilling the garden on Friday, the BBs were doing some fishing from their "boat." Y'all didn't know we had a lake in our backyard too, did you? Reed said, "Daddy, will you move the boat to the middle of the lake, I think the fish are biting." He was pointing to the trailer, and Rob said, "Sure, I want to see you cast it out there and catch us some fish." Practice makes perfect!

Reed -- "hooking up the boat to the dock"

Saturday afternoon we took the BBs to the State baseball game and we actually made it through the 5th inning -- with a almost 2 year old and almost 4 year old and lots of "nandy" they enjoyed the game. Reed loved it that there was a player named Luke. I am so mad at myself for forgetting my camera...even though we didn't win, we had a great time at Dudy Noble.
Anyway, on our way home, Rob and I realized that we had forgotten "bapi" -- Luke screamed all the way home -- I am now having mini panic attacks every time I think about taking the "bapi" away -- ugh!

I will be very glad when the Easter candy is gone -- my children are seriously junkies...

A rare, sweet moment from Sunday afternoon...

I ask Reed everyday, "Did you have a good day at school?"
Reed: "Yes"
Me: "Who did you play with?"
Reed: "Luke, he's my best friend (inside I am such the proud mother), "but today I had to go sit in time out because I hit him in the head with a shovel." -- proud moment...vanished.
Brotherly love...I guess that too is a love/hate relationship...
with these two little BBs my prayer that it will always be more love than hate!

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