Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Salutations from Sunset Strip -- Part II (Rain is a good thang!)

...And the rains came...

...and this is what happens every year. A fair tradition--the flooding of the infield. It's a magnet for the old (and the young...and the younger).
But, oh, so so SO much fun!
The perfect combination of water and bright red mud...the kind of mud that stains the skin.
I think some kids were actually swimming across it...
Luke decided he had seen enough
and stood in the background with Laura and Terry 
(I wish this pic was a little more clear because it is priceless to me!)
Once they saw their cousins get in the "pool" they started to step a little bit closer, the red mud was working it's magic on them...
...and just like that, they were gone!
Stripped down to the bare bones and oh, they have never had SO MUCH FUN!
Except for some reason Luke wanted to go OVER the fence and we couldn't make him go under. He finally did and continued to wade out into the water. I got a little scared thinking I was going to have to go after him. Thankfully, a man walked by who was covered in mud from head to toe (looked like some sweet daddy who had obliged his children and took the plunge) felt sorry for the pregnant mother who had let her 2 year old wade out into God knows what and said, "Hey, I'm already covered, want me to get him?" YES!! THANK YOU! Anywhere else, they probably would've called DHS!
And this is where the mud slinging began -- a tradition that crosses over from the politics of the fair (more of that next year--just as interesting, but not quite as fun) to the children of the fair.
Gotta love that muddy belly!

The Adams boys (Charlie, Will, and Ben)

Now, what to do with all these muddy kids...
...get clean and go see Luke Bryan. 

Yes, Luke Bryan, where we come from, rain IS a good thang!
I thought it was very appropriate that he mentioned seeing all the "kids out playin' in a big mud puddle." And by the way, best show I've seen at the fair in a while. He is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. He actually rapped (to the tune of TuPac/Dr. Dre -- California Love which he changed to "Mississippi knows how to party") so you know I LOVED that. Also, a fight broke out in the lawn chair seats which was so so SO well, the fair...but it didn't seem to phase LB who laughed it off. Reed and Luke loved the show so much that they feel asleep during about the third song. Although Reed has been walking around with his "t-tar" saying he is Luke Bryan. We shall see!

And in case I didn't mention he (as well as his stage presence) is so cute...
...glad to see his wife is cute too!

Anyway, we ended up going back to the fair Friday night to see Phil Vassar, let the kids ride a few more rides, play a few more games, and watch the always entertaining fireworks show. I got to visit with some folks I hadn't seen all week, which made my week! Like I said before, maybe in about 10 years we'll get to sit down and visit and reminisce about our younger days at the fair (probably while our own kids are doing the same things we did when we were their age--got me worrying already!!). 

Sad it's over and already looking forward to next year!

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