Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our weekend -- to the coast and back!

We had a wonderful, yet busy (and lots of driving), weekend on our Kelly's Kids tour. My mom, Reed and I headed down Friday after work and Reed couldn't WAIT to get to "the coast." It's been so fun seeing friends and family AND seeing all the precious clothes they have picked out for their children!

First stop -- OCEAN SPRINGS, MS and the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a Kelly's Kids party hosted by my good friend Vicki. Our boys are two weeks apart and could be brothers (twins if you are looking at them from the back!). They were quite the models too! They had so much fun playing together -- too bad we live so far apart! Reed LOVED the ocean and we ate lunch at the harbor in Ocean Springs and got to see LOTS of boats going out to sea! The waters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast just reopened over the weekend so there was LOTS of activity while we were eating. We braved the 100+ degree but enjoyed the ocean breeze and especially the visit!
Reed and Will
Boats at the dock -- I think they are so pretty!
...and look what we found a -- Taylor Machine works (based in our little home town) fork lift they used to (and our eyes were glued to) get the boats out of the boat storage warehouse located right behind us! Wonder if this is a Charles Bond design?! Reed LOVED it...of course he loved anything that has wheels, lifts, moves, pushes, pulls, digs, etc.    
Me and Vicki -- I sure do miss you!! It's always like just yesterday in the DG house -- some things never change and I LOVE THAT!
After lunch, Reed was dying to go to the beach and "put his feet in the ocean" -- and why shouldn't we since we were so so close! SO we did! And boy was it hot, but the boys LOVED IT!

 Below is the AWESOME playground that is across the street from the beach. It's a giant pirate ship. It is such a lovely area with an amphitheater and little pavilion right next door that was rebuilt after Katrina. There is also a little "splash pad" that the boys enjoyed after our jaunt to the beach!

Reed (and Will) loved playing together!

And I think Reed was a little sad to leave! He loved "the coast!"

My sweet mama was SO SO excited to see her best friend Bebe who lives in Gautier and welcomed us into her home Friday night. We lived on the coast until I was 8 (mama for 17 years) and it still feels like home to her! Bebe was/is her bestie and they always have so much fun together!!

Our last stop was Shearwater Pottery, Peter Anderson's pottery place. He is the brother to Walter Anderson -- one of my favorite Southern artists. Their little "compound" is directly across a little inlet from where we ate lunch!
Mama bought me a little "souvenir"to commemorate our little trip and I love it! 

Next, on to Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve and our little cousins Will, Ben, and Charlie! Reed couldn't wait to see some deer and boy did we! I couldn't get a great picture, but there were whitetail EVERYWHERE! Reed told Shannon that he was going to hunt this year with a bow and arrow (Rob are you hearing this? Better be getting that lined up)!  
Here we all are in Shannon's truck -- a fun (and funny) ride!!!!
We had so much fun visiting with them and hated to leave right as my Aunt Laura (my mom's sister) was getting there, but we had to get home to Rob and the little BB! AND, all the Kelly's Kids parties went great! Orders are already shipping! Till next season!!

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