Thursday, August 26, 2010


Does this look like the face of an apprehensive 4 year old! It was his birthday and we're on our way to 4K open house at our church, FUMC Louisville!
I didn't get a good picture, but they were so sweet to sing Happy Birthday to him and he loved it. The above picture was taken right after he found out Ms. Ming was his teacher!! 
We were so excited!
And we were also so excited to know that Hayes Caperton was in his class. Hayes' dad, Roger, and I have been friends for year and hopefully Reed and Hayes will be too!
Here he is in his seat in Ms. Ming's room!
And (tada) here he is: 1st day of 4K, August 16th, and SO SO excited! backpack he got for his birthday (which, by the way, that has been filled with the most precious work). He has learned a nursery rhyme every day: Little Boy Blue, Little Miss Muffett, Mary had a Little Lamb...and the amazing part is Reed can say the whole thing when he comes home each night! AMAZING!
Such a proud mama...and boy did I cry when we dropped him off. I never cry...I guess it's hormones. I just can't believe he is old enough to start 4K!
Daddy couldn't resist a picture either!
It was such a great day and I know it will be such a wonderful year filled with so many fun memories. We didn't live in Louisville when I was 4, but everyone I graduated with talked about how 4K at FUMC was one of their favorite memories of growing up! 
I just know it's going to be the same for Reed!

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