Thursday, August 26, 2010

A four year old has a party and it rains...

...and what does the four year old do, parties on!! Rain was NOT going to put a damper on the gigantic water sliding fun we were going to have Saturday morning. Not even when I looked out the window at 9 a.m. (party started at 10 a.m.) and it was dark as night. I told Rob, "Check the radar, pronto!" And after lots of prayers, there was a 4 hour window of no rain!
So what did we do...
...set up that slide and slid in the rain.
...and slid...
...and even Luke got in on the action.
Needless to say this was his only venture down the slide!! He was going to have a fine time, thank you, in his baby pool with the water hose.
Reed's awesome (as always) cake made by Hailey Peterson, of Cups -N- Cakes in Starkville.
Not only was it too cute, it was so delish (you can't beat cream cheese icing)!
All the dad's "enjoyed" standing in the rain watching the boys have a ball!
Time to blow out the candles!!!!!!!
Brothers on Reed's birthday. I kept calling Luke "the lifeguard" because he stood there almost the entire time (that is, when he wasn't in his baby pool...still obsessed with it)!

And here were his party favors!! I found these balls at Tarjay on the $1 aisle! I attached some Toy Story gummies and this card and voila -- cute favor!
We had so so so much fun and are still sorting through and opening up all the toys! 
Still can't believe he's 4!

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