Thursday, July 29, 2010

Salutations from Sunset Strip: Part 1

What an emotional fair it has been for us at cabin #245! I guess it's because I'm pregnant but I get so emotional these days, especially at the fair. First of all, my mom wasn't able to be there after Sunday because she had a bad reaction to some medication she was taking for a sinus infection and had to be admitted to the hospital early Sunday morning. She loves the fair and being with Reed and Luke out there makes her so so happy. I was glad she got to go to the rodeo with Rob and Reed and see him ride some rides on Saturday night. I know she was missing getting to watch them have fun out there (I tried to take lots of picutres!!). Then, I got emotional watching it rain during the horse races (what?!?!), I got emotional while Reed and Luke slept on top of me during the Luke Bryan concert (and let me just interject that he is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen and has made be a country music fan again--more on him later), I got emotional taking to my fair neighbor Rachel (who I mentioned in an earlier post) about our name for this baby if it's a girl because it's after my grandmother who was a fixture at our cabin for so so long!  Then as we were getting ready to load up and go home, I DID NOT want to go! The boys were having so much fun playing with their cousins, I was having so much fun visiting with my family and friends, and I hadn't gotten my fill. But, all good things must come to an end, and I am already looking forward to 2011 -- it is going to be another great fair with another great addition to our cabin!
Here is just a peak into all the fun we had:
 Reed, Ben, Charlie, Will, and Haley -- night #1
All smiles while riding the bumble bees
 Parents -- well rested and all smiles -- Night #1
 Friday -- Haley, wearing her fair shirt that I made!
Reed, sporting our "Lost and Found" stickers! Rob said we should have put his phone number on there b/c none of the people's whose numbers are on there (mine, Laura, and Lee's) ever have their phone which is true!
 Friday night: Reed and Luke L-O-V-I-N-G the Rodeo! 
Our precious cousin Robert Thomas helped with the view.
 Sunday afternoon: One of the many trips to the petting zoo (again, their fair shirts I made)! I had just gotten back from the ER with mama and boys had pictures made with Dianne...I can't wait to see how they turned out!
 Sweet Sally Ann in the most adorable outfit Laura got at the Flea Market!
 SA not so sure about holding that rabbit...
 Pigs are just to ugly they are cute!
 After the rodeo, Reed and Luke were obsessed with horses and cows so we had to go and find EVERY horse and cow on the fairgrounds and that was A LOT!
 Yes, I paid $5 for Luke to pick up 3 ducks and he won a 10 cent blow-up bat that had a hole in it and was deflated the next!
Popsicles make the BEST fair treat!
This picture was taken on Tuesday before it rained cats and dogs a little later--the sky was so beautiful, almost like it was fake! To me this picture doesn't even look real! More on the rains to come...

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