Monday, July 5, 2010

The week without daddy

Before Rob left to head to "Sin City" for a meeting, we were very busy harvesting -- above is a picture of one of the bags of corn. Our little 4 rows yielded about 150 ears in the first picking. The boys LOVE eating "kurn" as they like to call it!
I am loving having fresh flowers in the house! The zinnias are just beautiful and can even been used as the perfect little happy for a friend!

While Rob was out of town, we visited our friends Ms. Peggy and Papa Moe to check out his MASSIVE garden and boy did the boys have fun. We rode around on The Papa "Moe"bile and picked plums, peaches, and tomatoes. Papa Moe has orchards, gardens -- so much fun for the boys. Moe's granddaughter Emily was along for the ride too!
Reed eating a plum straight off of the tree!

Here they are picking some peaches!

Papa Moe and Em!
It started to rain so we had to come in but had so much fun!!
The peas and cucumbers I picked while both kids were screaming b/c of the thunder -- pretty good under the circumstances!

Ahhhhhhh -- finally, relaxing in the "baba pull"! If we can make it without getting eaten up by mosquitoes, these boys could stay in these for hours.

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