Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bye-Bye paci

Well, the boys are back in town!!! And oh, how we missed them. They were so so so so SO excited to be home and we were too! 
 One thing that didn't make it back from New Albany {much to our delight} was the "Ba-pee" a.k.a. the pacifier. Mia (my m.i.l.) kept giving Rob updates on how Luke didn't have it all day, then he didn't have it during his nap, THEN he didn't have it ALL. NIGHT. LONG. WHAT?!?!!??! Well, this went on from Wednesday to Saturday and the first thing Luke said when he walked in the door to our house was "Ba-pee." I looked at Rob and Rob looked and me and we were like "Nope--can't do it!" He said, "LUKE, let's go find your puppy!"...changed the subject. Well, here we are Monday and we've been "paci-free" for almost a week! 
Thank you Mia -- I don't think we could've ever done it without you
...now can you come and potty-train him too (preferably in the next 6 months)!

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