Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Garden News...

WOW at the produce {and the Zinnias}!!! We have gorgeous squash, cucumbers, peppers, and my zinnias are blooming beautifully. We MAY even have some tomatoes eventually. This week we will be harvesting peas and butterbeans {thankfully our wonderful neighbor, Will, has his own pea-sheller}. Will is going to make everyone pepper sauce and I am going to attempt to make pickles and this wonderful squash casserole recipe (if you have never been to this blog -- GO now -- it's one of my favs) since our house is now nice and cool again.  
Here is Reed a few Saturday's ago after riding his tractor out to the garden!
My summer loves -- zinnias!
The "harvest" in the tractor bucket
Corn -- which will be ready to pick this weekend.
Peas from a few weeks ago -- now they look very purple!
Pea flower
Peppers (which I HATE but all the boys absolutely L-O-V-E)

...and a little update on the baby birds. Well, they aren't baby birds anymore and as you can see on the look on this BBs face, he is ready to "fly the coop." A few days ago, they were flying around the garage and the mother bird was shepherding them out the door. Anyway, they are gone now and I am going to try to use the bird's nest as decoration somewhere in the house -- am I weird or what for wanting to do that?It is, however, very beautiful and I love that that mama bird made it and "nested" her babies to bird "adulthood" there!

And one last thing -- this is the BBs new fav (thanks Emily McClain) -- Baby Pools. You can find us here just about every afternoon after school
(except most of the time the BBs are necked)!

The BBs are back to North MS for the rest of the week and I will miss them so -- but Rob and I have a LARGE project to tend to...(cue the nightmare-ish music) -- Our GARAGE!!!
Will have to have a separate post on the progress!

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