Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pa Pane Pa-tee -- LUKE IS TWO!!!!

We had Luke's second birthday party over the long Memorial Day weekend and had so much fun. It was an airplane party (or as Luke says, "Pa-pane pa-tee"). We enjoyed being with family and friends. I have never seen a child so tickled when we sang "Happy Birthday to You" -- he was so cute. Each time over the weekend we ate cake, Luke started singing "Happy Birthday" again, so we would sing the whole thing with him. Such a sweet baby boy -- who, by the way, isn't a baby anymore. He is saying everything!!! 
Here are some pics:
The Cake

Beginning the obsession with the cake 
(this child could not get enough of looking at, eating, 
mashing, and talking about this cake...and I can see why!)

Reed (love the hat) and Haley also loved it!


This little "rody" horse was the hit of the party -- Luke loved it and it is so cute!

In other news, we "harvested" our first "crop" from the garden -- squash!! Rob immediately sliced them and put them on the grill and they were wonderful! Will have tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers soon! 


...and soon to be Zinnias -- so so so so so so excited!!!


  1. Loved the pictures! Not sure if Mimi has seen them yet. Thanks for all the hard work to update the blog. Charles