Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduation days are here again!

In the spirit of graduation, my best friends from high school got together this weekend for a night of lots of laughs, memories, and updates on each of our lives. Since I kept EVERYTHING from high school (even my report cards -- ha), I brought along my scrapbooks and tons of old pics. We are going on 15 YEARS since our High School Graduation -- so so so hard to believe.

Here we are way back when:

Here we are now all grown up -- haven't changed a bit ;-):
So much fun catching up with everyone -- we are already making plans to get together again soon!

Before heading to Jackson, I also attended the graduation ceremonies at Mississippi State where my cousin Charleigh was graduating. Hard to believe she is graduating already. I can remember going to the hospital when she was born!

AND last but not least, my mom and I had the pleasure of hosting a senior party on Sunday night for our friend Bailey Hartness. Her mom, Maria, gave me a senior party when I was a senior so we wanted to do something for Bailey. We had a skating party at Skate Odyssey in Starkville and it was SOOOO fun! We hosted it with two other couples and we all skated and had the best time. I hadn't had on a pair of skates since my last visit to the same rink in 1992 and we skated to "My name is Luka, I live on the second floor" and "Sweet Child of Mine" -- wow, the music has changed!! The kids had fun too!!! They were all so sweet and precious and it made me think of me when I was a senior, especially since I was just together with my high school b/f/f's "reliving" our glory days. Aaahhhh, the memories. 
Some I would redo, but most I wouldn't -- made me who I am today, I guess!
Congrats to the Winston Academy Seniors 2010 and to sweet Charleigh Alford on her college graduation!

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