Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music makes me smile (some tunes on my run playlist)

Okay, so this is going to be a very random post...but it goes...

Many of you know I started running about a year ago and now I'm kinda addicted. I trained and ran the St. Jude 1/2 marathon in Memphis back in December and had a ball doing that.

Here are a few pics from the race:
LC, me, and Laura pre-race (it was C-O-L-D, about 28 degrees)

The husbands "pre-race" -- our #1 cheerleaders

Us after the race!!!
(No pic of hubbies after since the looked about the same =-)

Anyway, other than a few weeks of inclement weather (i.e. snow and rain), I haven't really stopped running since. I love being outside -- running through our little town as well as running through a lot of the countryside when I was doing my longer runs while training for the 1/2. But I think the main reason I love it so much is b/c I get to listen to music --uninterrupted-- for 30 minutes to an hour when I go and I LOVE MUSIC -- all kinds (too many kinds for that matter)! We do listen to a lot of music around the house, but the "little blonde boys" are normally in control of the remote to our docking station, so there is no telling what 20 second snippet of a song I will hear -- Reed already has his own ideas of the type music he likes!!

So to movitate myself to run, I download new music. ---- And I must admit (mini rant here) I did download that Ke$ha (I can't believe I just typed that name with the $ in it -- ha, why would someone think it is cool to do that) song Tic-Toc and I hate the way she pronounces her name Ke-sha, not Key-sha, as one would think ---- anyway, like the beat and melody to the song, hate everything about her name.

Now -- back to the music I really love.

Two words -- Amos Lee -- I have been listening to him for a while now and I am just about in love with him (second only to R.O.Y--hehe). Southern Girl is one of my favorites of his, and here's why:
Something about a Southern Girl
Makes me feel right
in a Mississippi morning
she's my angel in flight
in a blink of an eye
she'll be out of your sight
something about a Southern girl

I always wonder if Amos found him a good 'ole Mississippi girl somewhere and she broke his heart -- I would love to know the background on this song. He probably just used Mississippi because the alliteration sounded good with morning! I will probably never know but this Mississippi girl thinks the song is great no matter what the story is...
Anyway, if you like mellow rainy day music give him a will NOT be disappointed. Oh -- and then there is Ray Lamontagne -- another fave... Anyway, this is what is on my playlist right now:

Southern Girl by Amos Lee
Philosophy by Bed Folds Five
Trouble by Ray Lamontagne
Outside Villanova by Eric Hutchinson
Leave your Boyfriends Behind by Leona Naess
Wagon Wheel by O.C.M.S
What's Been Going on by Amos Lee
Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison
Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley
Please Forgive Me by David Gray
List to the Dark Side by Charlie Mars (shout out to Broken Arrow, freshman year--Mississippi State)
Colors by Amos Lee
Use Me by Bill Withers

SO yes, I listen to Ke$ha (so hard to type that stupid $) and Amos Lee...but it's not just about the music or the person singing the song. It's what it means to me. Just about every single song on this playlist reminds me of someone or some fun memory. I think that's the main reason I love music -- it brings to my mind lots of special people and wonderful memories. Makes me smile every time I hear that song....

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