Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hold Your Horses!

I love a project and sometimes I just get in the mood and I can’t do anything until said projuct is complete. Sure you can drink that COKE in the LIVING ROOM. Yes you can dump out EVERY SINGLE TOY out of your toy box(s) into the floor. Have fun while I am painting this canvas. Some people do drugs, my mom says she eats chocolate, I make stuff.

I also love Dirt Cheap!!! I know it’s pretty gross in there most of the time and when I was 9 months pregnant with Mary Flynn (acutally the day before I had her) I made Rob go in there with me and he proceeded to knock over 15 coffee cups off a shelf, and swore he’d never go back, and he’s kept his promise. Probably for the best since I sometimes look at my clock and realize it’s been over an hour – time warp. Still using and LOVING that Paula Deen dutch oven I got that day! I hate it, but I am hoping to see more of her stuff in there soon with WM not carrying her line anymore! I sometimes hesitate to buy things at Target because I am afraid they will get it at Dirt Cheap and I will be mad at myself for paying full price. I actually have a lamp shade on one of my buffet lamps in the living room that I got from there and I won't buy it at full price at target because I JUST KNOW I'm gonna find it at DC eventually -- so we have miss-matched lamp shades. Probably doesn't drive anyone crazy but me and it's my own fault. Anyway, it’s so sparatic it’s like a surprise every time you go in. But it’s the closest thing to Target we have in this little town, so I will take what I can get. I had become a little disenchanted over the last few months, but I have gotten some pretty awesome stuff there over the years! I digress…

Here is where two of my loves came together on Saturday. First, I saw this on IG!

 I just LOVE that saying – so Southern, so reminds me of my childhood, and so something I say just about every day to at least 1 of my 3! When talking to a friend about making it for me and we were talking about canvases I realized where to go – DC!!!  And like I said, I am quick to pull out the spray paint and ribbon and get my craft on from time to time (these times seem to be eternities apart – when I get to heaven, there will be lots and lots of crafts, art, ribbon, paper, paint, etc., in my mansion – I will finally get around to all those projects I have pinned on Pinterest. J).

So I pop in to my local DC and look what I found – this lovely canvas of some European city. And the price -- $2.00!!! Yeh-Yah!!!  PROJECT READY!

After spray painting white, then gold (LOVE! METALLIC! SPRAY! PAINT! – may be about to paint A LOT of stuff around the house with that), I meticulously cut out letters that I printed out HUGE. All while playing a Saturday morning game of CLUE! (which I lost because you have to pay attention and I was busy cutting, thank you Rob).

And then I glued the letters onto the canvas, let them dry (not long enough), then painted over that with Chalk paint. And here is the final project. My letters kinda stuck and my blue paint seeped under them too, but I must say I LOVE the look. And the saying!! And it now hangs right by my back door, where 9 times out of 10 I am saying, “Hold your Horses,” – I probably need to make another one that says, “You need some shoes on!”

p.s. I also made this dip this weekend from this month's Southern Living to test for tailgating and let me just say for the record -- it is awesome! It was in their Tailgating feature, which did not show Mississippi State on one of those cute cupcakes. :-( We will still have fun at our tailgate and cheer on our DAWGS though! This recipe WILL be “On the sidewalk” in 2 less than two weeks! Go DAWGS!!!

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  1. DC can be awesome! I like browsing them. Bill goes all of the time and buys the buggies. Then looks for the hidden treasures. Entertainment for the retired! Cute canvas! I say it all of the time too.