Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snoopy and Woodstock

On Halloween this year, our church had Trunk - R - Treat where everyone in the church decorates their trunks for the kids to trick or treat! It is always very fun and I always try to decorate our trunk. At 8 months pregnant, this was a very large undertaking...ha...just like me though to do it. I loved doing it and had a great building assistant/strategic planner who was the biggest help in the world!
The boys woke up from their naps on Sunday afternoon and the first thing Reed asked was "where is my Snoopy Doghouse?" He squealed all the way out to the backyard where the "construction" had taken place. All I can say is, thank goodness for Christmas lights and darkness, because our architecture was lacking big time!

Two proud occupants of the doghouse. This was one of the only pictures we got where both boys had their hats on. Luke WOULD NOT wear his and people kept asking me if he was the sun or a yellow flower. 
NOTE TO SELF: Halloween costumes next year will NOT have headpieces.

Here is Luke eating cotton candy. This child loves candy more than ANYTHING in this world. Might as well call him the Candy Monster, because he ate his weight in it Sunday night (and is continuing to try to get more candy any way he can). He will walk into the living room with candy in his hand and I have NO idea where it came from.
Love those eyes...

...and these!

Snoopy getting everything ready for trunk-r-treat
Our attempt at a family photo

Reed and Luke with Peg
Wonderfully crafted jack-o-lanterns!!!! All I can say is "WOW!"
Diving into the candy...making sure to get exactly what they want!
The boys hung out "around their house" most of the night and their daddy's lap was the best seat in the house!!
I wanted to try one more time to get Luke to wear his headpiece and this is what happened..."No, No, mommy!"
Best friends forever!
Sally Ann, Luke, and Harper

What a crew!!!
Luke, Sally Ann, Kaitlyn, and Fin

Hugs for Harper...
...oh, and a kiss!!!!
Me: "Luke, give Harper another big kiss."
Luke: the above photo

Luke and Harper in Snoopy's Doghouse

Luke, me, and mama (the sweetest witch I know!)

Laura and Me

...and here is Luke...where else but in the candy!!

Me and Abbie Smith -- our babysitter and good friend!

Luke showing Sally Ann all of his candy...hahahahaha!

Still going through his "loot"

And finally, my doghouse builder/contractor! 

What a fun night!!!!

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