Friday, November 5, 2010

1st Soccer Game!

We decided to join the world of organized sports this fall! Reed wanted to play soccer and he wanted his daddy to be his coach so we obliged! Our season started in October and it's been a funny fun couple of months. We have had games every Monday and Thursdays which has been A LOT but the boys (age 3-5) have come a long way since this first game. Reed even scored TWO GOALS. He is about a head shorter than everyone, poor thing, but we keep telling him if he drinks his milk and actually eats food his muscles will get really big. 
Luke has even had fun!
(as long as there is plenty of food candy for him to eat and he can play in the dirt)
One of his happier moments. 
There have been a few games where he has been "sick" and cried every time Rob would try to sub him in. Even bribing with candy wouldn't work.

Yet another kick out of bounds...
Saying good game at the end of the game 
(Glad #3 was shaking with the other hand...ha!)

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