Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday

Some things that are making me happy today:

1.       Mary Flynn is no longer demanding to watch Barney every single day (I wish someone could tell me how this show actually got made…talk about fingers down a chalk board). Who looked at someone in a purple dinosaur suit and said this is going to make a great show…they saw something I did/do not see. If there is a parent out there who enjoys watching Barney, please let me know how you do it. Thankfully we have moved on to Madagascar 3, which in my opinion is the best Madagascar, so I am happy.

2.       Rob discovered “What does the Fox Say” on You Tube hilarious and I smile every time I think about it. “Kee-kee-keek-keek-keek-keek-keek-kow”

3.       Loving new running shoes after wearing NIKE for years my sweet friend Courtney who owns the new Stinky Feet in Starkville helped me choose my new Newtons. A little different and I am still getting used to them, but they are better for knees and feet and help me to run on the ball of my foot instead of heel. And running this morning in the cooler weather was an added bonus!!

4.       It’s FRIDAY and we have a weekend of nothing! YES!

5.       Proverbs 31 devotional today – BE HAPPY NOW all about being content in all circumstances and being thankful for the little things (i.e. no Barney, “What does the Fox Say”, and Fridays, new running shoes). Philippians 4 is becoming one of my favorite chapers – so much goodness.

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  1. The only kids show that I can't stand is Calliou! Barney is fine.
    I liked the P31 devotion today too. Always a good reminder.